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February Newsletter
Students of the Month

Student of the Month (Level 2-4)
Ms. Lealyn J. earns the Student of the Month Award for our Level 2+ group. Lealyn is putting forth magnificent effort in her dance classes, and her technique and strength are reaping the results. We are excited to see more of you in the future, Lealyn! Keep up the great work!

Student of the Month (K-2 & Level 1)
Ms. Hillary S. earns the Student of the Month Award for our K-2 Group. Hillary has taken on many challenges in her acrobatics class; however, she never gives up! Her teacher and classmates are always very proud of her and happy to have her in class. Keep up the wonderful work, Ms. Hillary!
Student of the Month (Pre-K)
Ms. Isla L. earns the the Student of the Month Award for our Pre-K Group. Ms. Isla has been dancing with The P.A.C.E. Studio for 2 years, and she is growing into a beautiful and unique dancer. She is always very friendly to her classmates and shows diligence in her dancing. Keep up the awesome work, Isla! 
What’s the Swoop?? Looveeee...

Happy early Valentine’s Day, PACE Studio family and friends! February is upon us!

We have a couple of important announcements and reminders in this brief newsletter, so please do your best to read it thoroughly.

Ms. Katy is starting a Pilates class at The PACE Studio that will meet on Saturdays from 9 - 10 AM beginning February 3rd; the ending date is currently “to be determined”. The cost to participate is $5.00 per class. All proceeds from Ms. Katy’s palate classes will benefit The PACE Studio Performance Company Dancers. Pilates is open to ages 10 - Adult. Come join us for a fun workout!

During the months of February through June, students are preparing for the June 9th recital, and attendance is essential. Our attendance policy states the following: any student who misses more than four classes in the months of February through June will revoke his or her privilege to participate in the June recital. Regular and consistent attendance is critical to the technical progression and development of each student and class as a whole; therefore, we ask that everyone do their absolute best in maintaining satisfactory attendance.

Tip: If your student has a minor injury or non-contagious illness, we encourage him/her to come to class to observe and take notes to prevent him/her, along with the class as a whole, from falling behind schedule.

To review The PACE Studio’s Policies, please visit our website at www.pacestudio.org/studio-policies.

Recital dances are coming along beautifully! We are very proud to see the progress each class is making. Recital will be here in no time, so let’s keep the positive progress and the steady learning rolling forward!

We wish everyone a month full of love and joy!

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us; we are always happy to help!

Sweet regards,

Bailey Coulter & Christian Pope
Artistic Director & Office Manager
The P.A.C.E. Studio